The School of Alchemy Presents:
Dating With Intention/Courting With Confidence MasterClass!!!

Sunday, March 26th

6pm Central / 7pm Eastern
 Your MasterClass Begins In...
This is Where You Get Answers To Your Most Pressing Questions!!!
  • When is sex appropriate? Is it part of courtship at all?
  • Learn what you should know about your prospective mate...before you commit. 
  • How should SOFT women govern themselves in courtship juxtaposed to "THE RULES"?
  • Learn how to let a Man know that you are interested in a feminine way after he has shown interest..
  • Achieve clarity regarding the do's and dont's regarding dating with intention and courting!!!
  • Learn how to establish guidelines for conduct with gentleman callers and beaus...
  • How to softly tell a man you want to end things without wounding.
  • Just when should you reveal that you are submissive?
  • All this...for only 47?!?!
  • And we are JUST getting started!!!

Richard & Namaste

Founders of The School Of Alchemy & The School Of Feminine Transformation
Also, During This Exciting Masterclass, You Will Learn...
  • How to reveal the exact qualities you are looking for in a prospective spouse...even if you have no experience dating (or have had a number of negative experiences)!!!
  • Why first dates are one of the most nerve-wracking, anxiety-producing situations in our society - unless you know these communication secrets that keep the conversation flowing effortlessly - even if 'making small talk' has been a huge problem for you in the past!
  • This hidden quality will instantly transform your relationship...and without this, the relationship will almost always fail.
  • Introverted? Dating can be a real struggle, no matter who you are. And if you’re an introvert, it can seem close to impossible - we reveal 7 ways that being an introvert actually gives you the advantage in dating and courtship with intention!!!
  • Discover The Way To Talk To Him That Will Instantly Establish You as Unique and Precious and Set You Apart From Any Women He's Ever Known!!
  • Friends and Family Matter: Learn to decipher the hidden courtship messages that others often miss to provide deep insights into your prospective beloved and your future prospects for a successful relationship!
There are a limited amount of spots available for this MasterClass - in the past our max capacity has been reached days prior to the actual broadcast! Do not miss this breakthrough MasterClass that will finally Remove the fear and apprehension from dating and courtship once and for all - Learn How to Date with Intention and confidently move toward the married life you've always dreamed of!!

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